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Developing its own methodology to teach JIU JITSU transformed ALLIANCE's history.

We created a teaching method that takes care of the student from the first class, so the student understands the whole process and can evolve in each training.


We separate the levels of classes and train our teachers to deliver an increasingly better class. Our method is revisited and updated frequently based on best practices at our gyms around the world.

Train in groups, individually or in special classes with our champions. Take your performance to the maximum level.


W H Y    C H O O S E    A    S C H O O L    W I TH  

A L L I A N C E    M E T H O D O L O G Y

In the 1980s Master Romero Cavalcanti (Jacaré) and his two black belt students, Fabio Gurgel (General) Alexandre Paiva (Gigi) followed different paths in search of success in their own academies. However, in all the championships they met, they ended up competing among themselves, creating an unfair rivalry because of their origins. That is why in 1993 the three made the decision to form an Alliance, Alliance, so they could go hand-in-hand in all the championships.

In 2014, seeing that each of their academies was expanding and forming their own affiliates, they decided to create an association to unify the teaching method and implement the management skills that were making great strides in the hands of Fabio Gurgel.

Today the Alliance Team has over 300 affiliates worldwide, with a well-renowned methodology and 12X World Champion title which shows the strength, dedication, and unity of this team. 

What is the order of belts in Jiu Jitsu?

Learn about the Alliance graduation system.




Joao Gabriel Rocha

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For those who have never had contact with jiu jitsu, we offer a free private lesson with one of our teachers. In a comfortable environment you will have an incomparable experience.

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